Navigating Holiday Eating

Kira Bursaw, Dietetic Major ’18, University Health Center Nutrition Peer Educator

The holidays can be challenging for many students. You have a routine established at school, and then right before finals, you’re pulled back home to old habits and foods that can be both comforting and stressful. So how do you carry your healthy Terp lifestyle home with you?

  1. Don’t skip meals. This includes breakfast! Just because you won’t be sitting in an 8:00 am lecture trying to learn doesn’t mean this meal isn’t necessary. Eating consistently throughout the day is important and prevents overeating later, especially when the festive meals happen.
  2. Be aware of your portion sizes. A good tip to handle this one is using a smaller plate or bowl for your meals. Smaller dishes mean less food on your plate, and eating everything on it won’t equate to half the turkey.
  3. Eat mindfully. There’s nothing wrong with having a second or third serving of your favorite dishes, but give yourself a few minutes after finishing your plate to assess whether you’re still hungry.
  4. Get outside. Holiday break means no classes and no walking around campus from one building to the next, hauling your bags of books up the many staircases, and hiking those hills to Stamp. So don’t forget to get some fresh air and go for a walk while enjoying your downtime. You can even gather a couple of family members and turn it into a socializing time.

Following these tips can help you feel better about enjoying the seasonal dishes and prevent you from gaining the 1-2 pounds the average American does during the holidays.

To learn more about navigating holiday eating, reserve your free session with a Nutrition Coach today by calling 301-314-5664 or sending an email to [email protected].