College Cooking Made Easy with Sheet Pan Meals

Samantha Maldonado, Dietetic Major ’21, University Health Center Nutrition Peer Educator

The end of the school year is an extremely busy time for students and staff! With a long to-do list, finding time to meal plan or cook a delicious and healthy meal can seem insurmountable. Overwhelmed by your to-do list you may often say to yourself “I would cook if I had time.” Trust me, I completely understand! Cooking can sometimes take two or more hours if you include the time it takes to wash dishes and clean up. So, what if I told you cooking could be made simple and would only require one pan and minimal amount of clean up time? Would you be more likely to cook your meals at home? I think yes! I’m positive you would want to save time and your wallet while eating healthy balanced meals from the comfort of your home.

Sheet pan meals are the perfect solution for all of your meal prep problems. Using only one large baking sheet you are able to create a balanced meal that includes a protein, vegetable(s), and starch! Just divide your baking sheet into three sections, season with desired spices, drizzle a little olive oil and pop into the oven. This easy method requires minimal clean up time and your meals are done in as little as 30-40 minutes.

Here is a quick, easy, and delicious recipe for sheet pan baked chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and green beans for you to try this week! Feel free to modify by using your favorite vegetables and proteins. Thank you to Rebecca Bitzer & Assoiciates for allowing us to share their recipe.

If you want to cook in bulk to last you the entire week for lunch and dinner try using 3 separate sheet pans for your proteins, vegetables, and potatoes then separating them out into your meal prep containers!

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